Date: 1500-1600
Language: Latin
Origin: insistere 'to stand on, continue with determination', from sistere 'to stand'


in‧sist S3 W2 [intransitive]
1 to say firmly and often that something is true, especially when other people think it may not be true
insist (that)
Mike insisted that he was right.
His friends insisted he had no connection with drugs.
insist on
She kept insisting on her innocence.
2 to demand that something should happen:
Stay for supper - I insist!
insist (that)
They insisted that everyone should come to the party.
He insisted I should take a taxi.
We insist on the highest standards of cleanliness in the hotel.
insist on/upon doing something
He insisted upon checking everything himself.

if you insist

spoken used when agreeing to do something that you do not really want to do:
'Why don't you call them up today?' 'Oh, if you insist!'

insist on doing something

to keep doing something, especially something that is inconvenient or annoying:
She will insist on washing her hair just when I want to have a bath.

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