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insist on doing something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinsist on doing somethinginsist on doing somethingto keep doing something, especially something that is inconvenient or annoying She will insist on washing her hair just when I want to have a bath. insist
Examples from the Corpus
insist on doing somethingFinally, he insisted on carrying it.For example, insisting on conditions that would in theory make the employment of women more likely often has the opposite effect.I declined, but she insisted on following me for several hundred yards.In fact, the only thing likely to take any time is deciding which to have. Insist on the best.She insisted on cleaning my flat very thoroughly every Tuesday and Thursday, and often left me a casserole in the oven.Surely Harrison would have insisted on having it pose with him.Tanya insists on moving in many circles and, above all, on thinking for herself.Together the two books test what can be gained and lost by insisting on either innocence or experience.
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