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insomniain‧som‧ni‧a /ɪnˈsɒmniə $ ɪnˈsɑːm-/ noun [uncountable]  MISLEEPif you suffer from insomnia, you are not able to sleep
Examples from the Corpus
insomniaI'm an incurable insomniac so I get a lot of my work done while the world sleeps.In small amounts it can act as a stimulant, in larger doses causing hyperactivity, headaches and insomnia.You may wonder why sleeping pills and tranquilizers are on a list of drugs that can cause insomnia.My mother was alarmed by my fits of weeping and chronic insomnia.It is important for people who are sixty years and older and are experiencing insomnia to be screened for depression.a cure for insomniaHe suffered from insomnia and was taking sleeping pills each night.One was written for a woman who said she suffered from insomnia and lower back pain.Why should I be the only one suffering from insomnia?He was suffering from insomnia and hypertension.Working outdoors all day certainly did wonders for my insomnia.The doctor advises that insomnia with resultant irritability and even mild depression may occur.A trained and skilled practitioner can tailor a session to treat insomnia by reducing muscular tension and promoting relaxation.
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