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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinspectionin‧spec‧tion /ɪnˈspekʃən/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun [countable, uncountable]  1 EXAMINEan official visit to a building or organization to check that everything is satisfactory and that rules are being obeyedinspection of regular inspections of the prison An inspection was carried out at the school.tour of inspection (=an official visit to inspect something)2 EXAMINEa careful examination of something to find out more about it or to check for anything wrongfor inspection Copies of the documents are available for inspection (=people can look at them) at local libraries.(on) close/closer inspection (=when looked at in detail) However, on closer inspection, a number of problems emerged. Close inspection of the plane’s engines revealed several small defects.COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + inspectiona careful/detailed inspectionThe architect has now made his detailed inspection of the building.a full inspectionA full inspection of the site is due to be conducted.a cursory inspection formal (=a very quick and not very careful inspection)He made only a cursory inspection of the truck.an official inspectionPreparations were made in advance of the official inspection.a routine inspection (=an ordinary inspection that happens regularly)A routine inspection revealed that several lorries were not roadworthy.a daily inspectionA young airman had carried out the daily inspection of the instruments.an annual inspectionThe aircraft was due for its annual inspection.regular/frequent inspectionsRestaurants are subject to regular health and safety inspections.a safety inspectionA safety inspection was carried out on the boiler system.a school inspectionThe arrangements for school inspections have been greatly improved.a weapons inspection (=to see what weapons someone has)The government has agreed to allow UN weapons inspections in the country.a medical inspectionSchoolchildren had to undergo a compulsory medical inspection.verbscarry out an inspectionEngineers had carried out an inspection on the plane.conduct an inspection formal (=carry out an inspection)He was conducting an inspection in the factory.do an inspection informal:We did the inspection last Friday.complete/finish an inspectionThe inspection was completed and the relevant forms filled in.pass an inspectionThe supermarket can only trade if it passes the cleanliness inspection.fail an inspectionHe couldn’t join the army because he failed the medical inspection.an inspection reveals somethingThe inspection revealed several lapses in safety standards.inspection + NOUNan inspection visitTo date no inspection visit has been made.a tour of inspection (=an official visit to inspect something)Morris took off on his tour of inspection.an inspection teamThe inspection team described the 1,688 pupil school as ‘outstanding’.
Examples from the Corpus
inspectionAdmiral Naumenko personally carried out an inspection of the fleet.The bundle, on closer inspection, turned out to be a small child.Federal investigators conducted a five-day inspection of the crash site.Federal inspection is required for all meat and poultry products.There are regular inspections of the prison by government health officers.tour of inspectionThey began a tour of inspection and almost immediately discovered the wrought-iron crypt gate swinging open.He begins a tour of inspection soon.When that ended he was due to leave for a tour of inspection.His first tour of inspection was at the Ashmolean museum.After the latecomers had been dealt with, the Headmaster commenced his tour of inspection, starting with Standard Two.I watched the two handsome flags uncurl to the warm wind, then went on my own tour of inspection.Make sure you have sufficient money for a month's deposit when you begin your tour of inspection. 8.(on) close/closer inspectionA close inspection reveals that in a past life they were oxygen tanks.The time for adding new water presents an opportunity for cleaning the tank generally and giving close inspection to the inhabitants.Executives sometimes find that, on close inspection, the complaints made against them are misconceived.Yet on closer inspection it will be found that they both contain just the same structural components.On close inspection, the unpleasant truths an organization is afraid to tell often turn out to be not all that abhorrent.On closer inspection, in fact, the evidence tilts further towards the reassuring.That is, in all parts of the solar system accessible to close inspection.These skills have the effect of laying children open to closer inspection and increase their vulnerability through peer appraisal and criticism.
From Longman Business Dictionaryinspectionin‧spec‧tion /ɪnˈspekʃən/ noun [countable, uncountable]1a visit to a factory or other building to check that everything is satisfactory and all rules are being obeyedThe factory has regular inspections by the Health and Safety Executive.2an official check done on something to see that it is of the right standard or quality, or whether it is safe to useThe Federal Aviation Administration has ordered inspections of the propeller shafts on all similar planes.
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