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inspectorin‧spec‧tor /ɪnˈspektə $ -ər/ ●●○ S3 W3 AWL noun [countable]  1 BOEXAMINEan official whose job is to check that something is satisfactory and that rules are being obeyed ticket inspectors a Health and Safety inspector Standards of discipline at the school were strongly criticized in the inspector’s report.2 SCPa police officer of middle rank Inspector Blake chief inspector
Examples from the Corpus
inspectorA sergeant's car was hit, and two shots were fired at an inspectors vehicle.the building inspectorsCity inspectors of all kinds were shaking citizens down, as were the police.Clarkson, a quality control inspector, scored two.a Health Department inspectorThe public observations and published documents of Government inspectors did not point to falling standards in basic subjects at the primary stage.In 1912 school inspectors reported that only 2 % of young people were unable to read or write.Eighteen months on, some head teachers are complaining that inspectors are fulfilling their duties with a zeal which smacks of prejudice.The inspectors said that there was poor provision in certain aspects of teaching children with reading difficulties.The ticket inspector then interrupted the conversation and said this was not possible.