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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinsteadin‧stead /ɪnˈsted/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 instead of somebody/something2 INSTEADused to say what is done, when you have just said that a particular thing is not done Geoff didn’t study law. Instead, he decided to become an actor. If Jo can’t attend the meeting, I could go instead.THESAURUSinstead used when saying that a particular thing is used or happens and not another thing, or that someone does something and not another personThere were no single rooms, so I booked a double instead.Chris couldn't go to the meeting, so I said that I would go instead.Can I have soup instead of salad?I really wished it had been me instead of him.rather than instead of something or someone – often used when someone does something instead of doing another thing, because it seems better or more suitableRather than driving around all day looking for somewhere to park, why don’t you take a bus into town?A lot of people are choosing to rent rather than buy their own homes.I’d say it was warm rather than hot. It might be better if you asked him rather than me.in somebody/something’s place having the position or role that something or someone else once hadThe factory was demolished and flats were built in its place.If I refused to go, they would send someone else in my place.on behalf of somebody/on somebody’s behalf instead of someone or as their representativeShe asked the doctor to speak to her parents on her behalf.He collected the award on behalf of his sister.in favour of British English, in favor of American English used when something is not chosen or used, because something else seems much betterThe original plan was abandoned in favour of a new proposal.She was rejected for the job in favor of a more experienced teacher.in preference to formal used when something is chosen or used because it seems much better than something elseWhat makes customers choose one brand in preference to another?
Examples from the Corpus
insteadI can't manage Thursday. Can we meet on Friday instead?Jo couldn't go to the meeting, so I said I'd go instead.We didn't have enough money for a movie, so we went to the park instead.We didn't have enough money to go to a movie, so we went to the park instead.Cardew did not join the navy. Instead, he decided to join the theater and become an actor.Gillespie will play in midfield instead of Cochrane.You should talk to your teacher instead of just complaining to me about it.Can I have soup instead of salad?I can't understand why they chose him instead of you -- you're much better qualified for the job.
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