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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinstinctin‧stinct /ˈɪnstɪŋkt/ ●●○ noun [countable, uncountable]  INSTINCTa natural tendency to behave in a particular way or a natural ability to know something, which is not learnedintuitioninstinct for Animals have a natural instinct for survival.instinct to do something the human instinct to form relationshipsby instinct Birds build nests by instinct.sexual/maternal/survival instinct Her instinct told her that something was wrong.somebody’s first instinct (=what someone feels like doing first when something happens) His first instinct was to rush back to Isobel.COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + instinct a deep/strong/powerful instinctHe bent down, obeying a deep instinct to protect himself from danger.a natural instinctI followed my natural instinct to run away.somebody's first/initial instinctHis first instinct was to try and hide.somebody's gut instinct informal (=someone's first instinct)Her gut instinct about Jimmy had been right.human instinctIt's a natural human instinct to comfort someone who is unhappy.animal instinctIt's animal instinct to attack the leader of the herd when his strength begins to fail.a basic instinctThe need to survive is the most basic instinct that we have.survival instinct (=an instinct to survive in a difficult situation)Survival instinct told me to get up and run.killer instinct (=an instinct to kill, harm or defeat someone)The team needs to develop the killer instinct.competitive instinct (=an instinct to compete against others and try to win)He now channels his competitive instincts into his job.maternal instinct (=the instinct of a mother)Kate's maternal instinct told her to pick the child up and comfort it.political instinctThe minister's shrewd political instincts didn't let him down.business/commercial instinctI have faith in your business instinct.verbstrust your instinct(s) (also rely on your instincts) (=believe that your instincts are correct)I've trusted my instincts in the past and they've usually been right.go on your instinct(s) informal (=trust your instincts)I just went on my instincts and refused his offer.follow/obey your instinct(s) (=do what your instinct tells you to do)You should obey your instincts when dealing with strangers.have the instinct to do somethingShe had the instinct to see what made people unhappy.lack the instinct to do somethingHe lacked the instinct to attack another human being.an instinct tells somebody somethingEvery instinct told her that he was telling the truth.
Examples from the Corpus
instinctHe has tremendous business instincts.Guys who have grown up on a ranch know almost by instinct what needs to be done to keep it running.My first instinct was to lie about it.I don't know if it was maternal instinct or what, but I just knew my baby would be okay.My instincts tell me that she's not the right woman for you.A cat's natural instinct is to chase birds.I was terrified. I was just working on instinct and trying to survive.Even a very young animal has a strong instincts for self-preservation.instinct toldWhatever else he might be, instinct told her Nicolo Sabatini was not a man to force himself on a woman.Every instinct told her she'd be naïve to trust him.In one way or another, whatever happened, instinct told him that they would both survive.But her instincts told her no.Her instinct told her she should not be talking but she could not stop.I knew I shouldn't rush into it, all my instincts told me to take it slowly.As my brother asked that question, the telephone rang and some instinct told me the call was for me.Survival instinct told me to get up and run; manners proved stronger.
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