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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinstitutionalin‧sti‧tu‧tion‧al /ˌɪnstəˈtjuːʃənəl $ -ˈtuː-/ ●○○ AWL adjective [usually before noun]  1 relating to an institution children in institutional care2 institutional attitudes and behaviour have existed for a long time in an organization and have become accepted as normal even though they are bad accusations of institutional racism in the police force
Examples from the Corpus
institutional racismSubliminal racism is also alive and well, as is institutional racism.Syer discusses how deterministic thinking is one of the aspects of institutional racism, affecting all subject areas.By making institutional racism an impossibility in theory, this son of discourse justifies it in practice.Black faculty members also accused the university of institutional racism and creating a hostile work environment.Examples of some of the forms of institutional racism involved in the education system have been provided earlier in this article.Indeed, the experience of institutional racism is one of the primary barriers to a united church.The institutional racism model thus overlaps with an equal opportunities model which demands self-conscious meritocracy in spirit and in procedures.
From Longman Business Dictionaryinstitutionalin‧sti‧tu‧tion‧al /ˌɪnstəˈtjuːʃənəl◂-ˈtuː-/ adjective1involving an institution or institutionseconomic and monetary union and related institutional reform of the EU2relating to activities of financial institutions, rather than other organizations or members of the publicMost of the investment was from institutional money.Dealers reported a fair degree of institutional buying of the shares.
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