in‧struc‧tion S3 W2


[plural]DT the written information that tells you how to do or use something [↪ directions]:
Install the machine according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Press enter and follow the on-screen instructions.
instructions for
Both products come with detailed instructions for use.
instructions on (how to do) something
Are there any instructions on how to plant the trees?
instruction book/manual/leaflet etc
Read the instruction book carefully.
! Do not say 'instructions how to do something' or 'instructions to do something'. Say instructions on how to do something.
2 [countable usually plural] a statement telling someone what they must do [↪ orders]
instructions to do something
He had specific instructions to check everyone's identity cards.
instructions that
Mrs Edwards gave instructions that she was not to be disturbed.
on somebody's instructions (=having been told by someone to do something)
On the landlord's instructions, the barmaid refused to serve him.
My instructions are (=I have been told) to give the package to him personally.
Make sure you carry out the doctor's instructions.
be under instruction to do something (=have been told to do something)
The police were under instruction to fire if necessary.
3 [uncountable] formal teaching that you are given in a particular skill or subject:
religious instruction
driving instruction
instruction in
The school gives instruction in First Aid.
under instruction (=being taught)
This group of trainees is still under instruction.

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