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in‧sur‧ance S3 W2
1 [uncountable] an arrangement with a company in which you pay them money, especially regularly, and they pay the costs if something bad happens, for example if you become ill or your car is damaged [↪ assurance, third party insurance]:
Your father took out insurance to cover the mortgage.
insurance against
insurance against loss of income due to unemployment
insurance on/for
Do you have insurance on your house and its contents?
claim (for) something on your insurance (=get an insurance company to pay for something)
We can probably claim the damage on our insurance.
life insurance
2 [uncountable] the business of providing insurance:
My brother works in insurance.
insurance company/group etc
the insurance industry
3 [uncountable] British English the money that you pay regularly to an insurance company [= insurance premium]
insurance on
How much is the insurance on your car?
4 [singular, uncountable] protection against something bad happening
insurance against
An extra lock on the door is an added insurance against burglars.

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