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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishintegrationin‧te‧gra‧tion /ˌɪntɪˈɡreɪʃən/ ●○○ AWL noun [uncountable]  1 TOGETHERthe combining of two or more things so that they work together effectivelyintegration of the integration of data from other surveys2 TOGETHERSARwhen people become part of a group or society and are accepted by themintegration into The family unit is supported by its integration into a wider social network.3 TOGETHERSCLthe process of getting people of different races to live and work together instead of separatelyassimilation problems of racial integration
Examples from the Corpus
integrationIntegration of the public schools is still a goal.In the 1960s the government passed a law to promote racial integration in schools.There is a need for Cuba's integration into the Latin American community.Members of extreme right wing parties are completely opposed to the integration of blacks into white South African society.the integration of European economiesracial integrationDoes my hon. Friend agree that it does the cause of racial integration no good at all that our procedures should be abused?As in the racial integration discussed earlier, this is more than a matter of equal opportunity.
From Longman Business Dictionaryintegrationin‧te‧gra‧tion /ˌɪntɪˈgreɪʃən/ noun [uncountable]1the combining of two or more organizations, activities etc so that they become more effective, make better profits etcThe important achievement of the European Union is economic integration, but political integration is doubtful.2ECONOMICS when a company obtains control of its suppliers, customers, or competitors, resulting in fewer companies in an industryFollowing the merger, further integration of the European packaging industry is inevitable. backward integration forward integration horizontal integration vertical integration
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