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intelligence/information etc gathering

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishintelligence/information etc gatheringintelligence/information etc gatheringthe process of collecting information from many different places gathering
Examples from the Corpus
intelligence/information etc gatheringHe helped suppress the Matabele rising in 1896, and learned the elements of scouting and intelligence gathering.It is vital that a reformulated strategy be built upon better intelligence gathering and better coordination of intelligence between agencies.But in the mid-1970s there was an acrimonious conflict between the different intelligence gathering agencies in the province.For once in the treacherous business of intelligence gathering, the question of mutual trust had been answered on sight.The arcane field of intelligence gathering may prove him wrong, says Charles Grant.And in some cases, the information gathering exercise itself has its benefits.Army intelligence supervised most of the information gathering and army technicians handled much of the technical work.It would seem that much effort up to now has focused upon information gathering to the neglect of the other two processes.
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