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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishintelligentsiain‧tel‧li‧gent‧si‧a /ɪnˌteləˈdʒentsiə/ noun   the intelligentsia
Examples from the Corpus
intelligentsiaHe developed a strategy skilfully designed to establish intelligentsia leadership over this revolt.Moua was part of the tiny Hmong intelligentsia, an educated son of a clan elder.The party represented the most effective political organization of the new class of intelligentsia.During the 1880s Marxism began to gain currency among the revolutionary intelligentsia.The demonstrators belong to the middle classes and the intelligentsia, which have suffered most as a result of the government's economic policies.The revolutionary Marxist ideology adopted by the intelligentsia began to merge with the working-class movement.In the absence of a vigorous middle class the intelligentsia lacked any effective levers through which to bring about change.The subjective role of the intelligentsia describes their self-perception, their hopes, their dreams, their motives.But the contribution that the intelligentsia made to its development represented their supreme service to the revolution.
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