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intended target/victim/destination etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishintended target/victim/destination etcintended target/victim/destination etcINTENDthe person, thing, result etc that an action is intended to affect or reach It seems likely that General Rogers was the killer’s intended victim. intend
Examples from the Corpus
intended target/victim/destination etcEloise was capable of what almost amounted to mesmerism, so thoroughly did she take in her intended victims.It can not move and shoot in the same turn, except that it can be turned to face its intended target.Recovering his balance with uncanny speed, he snarled and launched himself after the still tumbling figure of his intended victim.Was the call-girl the intended victim?We are near our intended target and head directly there with a vector supplied from above, but we find nothing.What if Everett's putative murderer had been the intended victim of sabotage rather than its practitioner?After they failed to find their intended victim, they embarked on an indiscriminate anti-foreigner rampage.Satisfied his intended victim was asleep, he gripped the door handle and turned it slowly.
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