Date: 1400-1500
Language: French
Origin: Latin intensus, a past participle of intendere; INTEND


in‧tense W3
1 having a very strong effect or felt very strongly:
Young people today are under intense pressure to succeed.
the intense heat of the desert
The pain was so intense I couldn't sleep.
He took an intense interest in all religious matters.
a look of intense dislike
2 intense activity is very serious, uses a lot of effort, and often involves doing a great deal in a very short time:
The job demands intense concentration.
At least 3000 people were killed in a week of intense fighting.
3 someone who is intense is serious and has very strong feelings or opinions - used to show disapproval:
She's a little too intense for me.
intensely adverb:
He disliked Kate intensely.

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