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intensive farming/agriculture

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishintensive farming/agricultureintensive farming/agricultureLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTfarming which produces a lot of food from a small area of land intensive
Examples from the Corpus
intensive farming/agricultureAlso of concern is not only the cost but the amount of fossil energy subsidy required for intensive agriculture.They said they didn't have strong views on intensive farming.We now realise the importance of hedgerows, of small fields, of clean rivers and of less intensive agriculture.About 90 percent of wildflower-rich meadows have disappeared since the Second World War due to intensive agriculture and drainage.The corncrake and marsh fritillary have been the victims of intensive agriculture as ploughing and pesticides destroy habitat and insects.Our increase in intensive farming has brought with it an increase in outbreaks of food poisoning.The increasing adoption of less intensive agriculture should further encourage a hare recovery.They were replaced by cities dependent on intensive farming to feed them and on great armies to defend them.
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