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intercontinentalin‧ter‧con‧ti‧nen‧tal /ˌɪntəkɒntəˈnentl◂ $ -tərkɑːn-/ adjective  SGgoing from one continent to another, or happening between two continents an intercontinental flight intercontinental trade
Examples from the Corpus
intercontinentalLast month Putin decided to retire silo-housed intercontinental ballistic missiles as their service lives expire.The Western hemisphere would soon be in range of and vulnerable to Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles, carrying megaton warheads.The Wyoming was carrying only nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles.Similarly it was thought that the physical characteristics of certain plants had provided firm proof of intercontinental contact.Even modest-sized nuclear explosions can have effects detectable over intercontinental distances.Geodesics on a spherical surface are the well known great circle routes which are frequently used by airlines on intercontinental flights.The deal will eliminate heavy intercontinental missiles and multiple-warhead missiles, the most devastating weapons mankind has ever devised.Intercontinental trade between North and South America has increased.
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