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interdisciplinaryin‧ter‧dis‧ci‧plin‧ary /ˌɪntəˌdɪsəˈplɪnəri $ ˌɪntərˈdɪsəpləneri/ adjective  SEinvolving ideas, information, or people from different subjects or areas of study an interdisciplinary research centre
Examples from the Corpus
interdisciplinaryIt attracted an international, interdisciplinary audience of over eighty people.The international and interdisciplinary background of the department's postgraduate students provides the basis of a lively community.Knut Holt Innovation projects are of an interdisciplinary nature and require co-operation between people with various talents.In this environment, many students undertake work of an interdisciplinary nature.This project is useful for the analysis and an example of how to improve interdisciplinary relationships.This situation persists today, though strong movements towards interdisciplinary research help to avoid total fragmentation of scientific understanding.Even the fashion of interdisciplinary studies can not really deal with the dilemma.An interdisciplinary team of researchers are examining the disease.The research is interdisciplinary, using several techniques: analysis of statistical sources, literature reviews, field studies and case-history material.
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