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interest-freeˌinterest-ˈfree adjective  BFLan interest-free loan has no interest charged on it interest-free credit
Examples from the Corpus
interest-freeAssume that trustees of a non-resident trust lend X, the life tenant, £100,000 interest-free.Finally of course, writing is not interest-free.Depending on when you make your purchases, you can enjoy up to 56 days interest-free credit.That's why it is always best to pay in full if you possibly can and get 56 days' interest-free credit.The benefit to X from borrowing the money interest-free from the trust is thus his savings in tax of £4,000.Alternatively, the King could demand an interest-free loan from his subjects.The money thus created is put into use and then constitutes an interest-free loan from the populace.The council makes land available, together with an interest-free loan, while building goes on.
From Longman Business Dictionaryinterest-freeˌinterest-ˈfree adjective if a loan is interest-free, the borrower does not pay interest on itthe World Bank’s interest-free loan facility for poor countriesinterest-free credit
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