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interest rate

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interest rateˈinterest ˌrate noun [countable]  BFLthe percentage amount charged by a bank etc when you borrow money, or paid to you by a bank when you keep money in an account there
Examples from the Corpus
interest rateInterest rates are pretty low right now.This is interest rate risk, the risk that bond prices will fall if market interest rates rise.In December 1988 the monthly real interest rate was 0.8%; by the following December it had risen to 4.3%.
From Longman Business Dictionaryinterest rateˈinterest ˌrate noun [countable]FINANCE the percentage rate used for calculating interest over a particular period of time, usually one yearinterest rate ofThe credit card has an interest rate of 14.8%.The fear of higher interest rates is driving down the stockmarket.The fall in interest rates should lead to additional business investment.