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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinterestedin‧terest‧ed /ˈɪntrɪstɪd/ ●●● S1 W2 adjective  1 INTERESTEDgiving a lot of attention to something because you want to find out more about it or because you enjoy it opp uninterested, boredinterested in I’ve always been interested in music. All she’s interested in is clothes. I wasn’t sure if he was really interested or if he was just being polite.interested to hear/know/see etc I’d be very interested to hear your opinion.2 WANTif you are interested in doing or having something, you want to do it or have it I’ve got a spare ticket for the opera, if you’re interested.interested in (doing) something Sheila’s interested in starting her own business. Would you be interested in a second-hand car?3 interested party/groupinterestedly adverbGRAMMAR: Patterns with interestedYou are interested in something: She is interested in politics. Don’t say: She is interested on politics.You are interested in doing something: Are you interested in working abroad? Don’t say: Are you interested to work abroad?You say that you would be interested to hear/know/see/find out something: I would be interested to know what she thinks about the idea. Don’t use interested to with other verbs such as ‘have’ or ‘buy’. THESAURUSinterested [not usually before noun] giving your attention to something because you want to know more about it or you enjoy itRecently I’ve got very interested in photography. fascinated [not usually before noun] very interested by something you see, read, or hear aboutShe watched, fascinated, as the bird came closer until she could almost touch it.The more I read about the place, the more fascinated I became.curious wanting to find out more information about somethingSmall children are naturally curious.I was curious to find out the reasons for his sudden departure.intrigued [not before noun] interested in something because it seems strange or mysteriousHe was intrigued by her story.be into something informal used when talking about the kind of things you are interested in and enjoy doingAre you into classical music?I got into (=became interested in) yoga when I was at college.so interested that you give something all your attentionabsorbed/engrossed in something [not before noun] very interested in something, so that you give it all your attention and do not notice anything elseJane was lying on the sofa engrossed in a novel.She was so absorbed in her own thoughts that she didn’t hear me call.gripped/riveted [not before noun] very interested, especially in a story you are reading, a film you are watching etc, so that you are eager to find out what happens nextIt was a brilliant book and I was gripped from beginning to end.I was so riveted by the film that I forgot the time.enthralled written very interested and enjoying something very much, so that you want to see or hear moreFrom the opening line of the play, the audience was completely enthralled.spellbound [not before noun] written extremely interested in something very strange or wonderful, so that you are unable to move or think of anything elseHe could hold audiences spellbound with the power of his voice.They all listened, spellbound.rapt formal showing by your expression that you are very interested in something and are giving all your attention to itHe spoke before a rapt audience.The congregation listened with rapt attention. be all ears informal to be extremely interested in what someone is telling youTell me exactly what happened. I’m all ears.not interestednot interested not wanting to know about something or give it your attentionI just wasn’t at all interested in science at school.uninterested not interested in wanting to know about something, especially something you are toldWhen I tried to tell her about my holiday, she seemed completely uninterested.apathetic not interested in a particular problem or situation, so that you are not willing to make an effort to change and improve thingsVoters have become increasingly apathetic.indifferent having no interest in someone or something, and often not caring about themSometimes the government seems indifferent to the problems of the poor.somebody couldn’t care less spoken used when saying that someone does not care at all about something and is not interested in itI couldn’t care less what other people think.
Examples from the Corpus
interestedI offered to help, but they weren't interested.I can't remember the name of the book, but if you're interested I can find out.Bob first got interested in motor cycles when he was about sixteen.I've never really been interested in politics.We'd be very interested to hear your opinion about this.You're an expert on legal problems - I'd be interested to know what you think.The children seemed very interested when I showed them my photographs.interested to hear/know/see etcI would be especially interested to hear from anyone who has experience of setting up provision for such people.She had met Jansher at a squash tournament. ` I was interested to see him play.I work for a sports info service and would be interested to see how they are going to do their version.Mr. Ashby I was interested to hear the hon. Gentleman say who wrote that article.However you may be interested to know what goes into producing each issue.She looked very peaceful, and I was quite unafraid, interested to know what had happened.We were therefore interested to see whether there was any evidence that these fears had been justified.I would be interested to hear your views on the Macmerry - Whitecraig route, and look forward to hearing from you.interested in (doing) somethingRangers have told Spurs they might be interested in a player swop deal but they wont pay cash.We are interested in analysing the factors that result in participation or non-participation in active sport.Younger audiences are becoming increasingly interested in bands of this musical grab-bag genre, and not only as a retro fad.But McGwire has never been interested in obtaining top dollar.If you are interested in playing netball then this might be your answer.Secondly, he was not interested in research.The sponsor, a senior vice president in charge of both groups, appeared to be genuinely interested in resolving the conflict.Of course, a seller is not interested in the buyer's liabilities under any potential or actual prime contracts.
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