in‧terest‧ed S1 W2
1 giving a lot of attention to something because you want to find out more about it or because you enjoy it [≠ uninterested, bored]
interested in
I've always been interested in music.
All she's interested in is clothes.
I wasn't sure if he was really interested or if he was just being polite.
interested to hear/know/see etc
I'd be very interested to hear your opinion.
2 if you are interested in doing or having something, you want to do it or have it:
I've got a spare ticket for the opera if you're interested.
interested in (doing) something
Sheila's interested in starting her own business.
Would you be interested in a second-hand car?

interested party/group

a person or group that is directly or personally concerned with a situation and is likely to be affected by its results [≠ disinterested]:
All interested parties are invited to attend the meeting.
interestedly adverb
WORD FOCUS: interested WORD FOCUS: interested
similar words: intrigued, curious, absorbed

very interested: fascinated, engrossed, enthralled, spellbound

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