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interested party/group

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinterested party/groupinterested party/groupCONNECTED WITHOWNa person or group that is directly or personally concerned with a situation and is likely to be affected by its results opp disinterested All interested parties are invited to attend the meeting. interested
Examples from the Corpus
interested party/groupAt the other end of the political spectrum, some left-leaning think tanks take money from interested parties.Costs and expenses Article 12 of the Convention specifies that costs and other expenses must be borne by the interested parties.Local authorities must also respond to requests for information from a variety of interested groups.That is increasingly being recognised by many interested parties.All interested parties are invited to attend the meeting.Almost 1500 copies were despatched, ensuring that the proposals reached as many interested parties as possible.The Department of Education is inviting interested parties to submit comments on the new support arrangements by October 31.Information memoranda should not be sent to interested parties until a signed confidentiality letter has been received.Every effort will be made to accommodate requests to provide all interested parties with the same information.
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