in‧terest‧ing S1 W2
if something is interesting, you give it your attention because it seems unusual or exciting or provides information that you did not know about [≠ uninteresting, boring]:
That's an interesting question.
a really interesting TV programme
find something interesting
I found his talk very interesting.
Did you meet any interesting people?
it is interesting to see/know etc
It will be interesting to see what happens when he gets a bit older.
It's interesting that no one remembers seeing the car.
WORD FOCUS: interesting WORD FOCUS: interesting
similar words: absorbing, intriguing

very interesting: fascinating, gripping, riveting, engrossing, enthralling, spellbinding
! Do not confuse interested, which describes a feeling, and interesting, which describes something that makes you feel interested: Are you interested in ballet? | an interesting talk on photography

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