Date: 1400-1500
Language: Old French
Origin: entreferir 'to hit each other', from ferir 'to hit'


in‧ter‧fere [intransitive]
to deliberately get involved in a situation where you are not wanted or needed [= meddle]:
My daughter-in-law said that I was interfering, but I was only trying to help.
interfere in
It's not the church's job to interfere in politics.

interfere with something/somebody

phrasal verb
1 to prevent something from succeeding or from happening in the way that was planned:
Anxiety can interfere with children's performance at school.
2TCB if something interferes with a radio or television broadcast, it spoils the sound or picture that you receive
3 British EnglishSCC to touch a child sexually:
He was arrested for interfering with young boys.

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