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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishintergovernmentalin‧ter‧gov‧ern‧men‧tal /ˌɪntəɡʌvəˈmentl, -vən- $ -ˈɪntərɡʌvərn-/ adjective [only before noun]  between or involving governments of different countries an intergovernmental conference
Examples from the Corpus
intergovernmentalThis will remain outside Community competence and therefore a matter for intergovernmental co-operation, with all substantive decisions being made by unanimity.Already, there are plans for another intergovernmental conference in 1996 and they already have a timetable for economic and monetary union.An intergovernmental conference is being held in Geneva today.We have put forward a number of proposals to this effect in the political union intergovernmental conference.For many cities these sources of funds represented an expanded intergovernmental fiscal relationship.The literature on the impact of intergovernmental grants is particularly useful for this purpose.This is a procedure which should become standard in future work by intergovernmental organizations.There was a concentration, in other words, on the formal political world of intergovernmental relations.This system of intergovernmental transfers is called fiscal federalism.
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