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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinterimin‧ter‧im1 /ˈɪntərɪm/ ●○○ adjective [only before noun]  1 TEMPORARYintended to be used or accepted for a short time only, until something or someone final can be made or found an interim report He received an interim payment of £10,000. An interim government was established.2 interim period
Examples from the Corpus
interimEventually an interim agreement on arms control was reached.For those reasons I allow the appeal and I substitute an interim care order.Three years ago, Steve Fisher was fired and Ellerbe promoted to interim coach just days before preseason practice began.Under the prewar system of interim development control there were no such effective means.An interim director was appointed until the end of the year.In a shockingly brief time, they managed to produce a working computer that ran Smalltalk, sort of an interim Dynabook.Pringle sweater giant Dawson International climbed 8p to 228p ahead of Tuesday's interim figures.The government will announce interim measures to tackle fuel shortages.The actual sales figures were 20% higher than those estimated in the interim report in July.In 1987, when an interim report was issued, scientists and environmentalists bitterly attacked its conclusions as misrepresenting the facts.Henry Hyde, R-Ill., as an interim speaker.In the meantime, the following interim support arrangements will apply: 1.
interiminterim2 noun   in the interim
Examples from the Corpus
interimMatthew Clark will now pay its interim of 6.75p on 5 April.In the interim, the existing fleet will be modernised for A $ 7m.
From Longman Business Dictionaryinterimin‧ter‧im /ˈɪntərɪm/ adjective [only before a noun]1intended to be used or accepted for a short time only, until something final can be madean interim payment of £15,000an interim pay offerShareholders will receive an interim dividend of £5.03p per share2ACCOUNTING prepared after only part of a full financial year has been completed, often after half a yearInterim figures announced yesterday show a 16% leap in pre-tax profits to £95 million.the publishing company’s interim results
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