2 noun
Related topics: Nurses, Doctors, etc
in‧tern2 [countable] American English
1MN someone who has nearly finished training as a doctor and is working in a hospital [= houseman BrE; ↪ internship]
2 someone, especially a student, who works for a short time in a particular job in order to gain experience [↪ internship]
WORD FOCUS: doctor WORD FOCUS: doctor
similar words: physician especially AmE, GP British English, consultant, registrar

a doctor who does operations: surgeon

a doctor who treats mental illnesses: psychiatrist, psychotherapist, shrink informal

a doctor who treats people's teeth: dentist, orthodontist

a doctor who treats animals: vet, veterinarian especially AmE

someone who is training to be a doctor: medical student, intern American English

the place where you go to see your doctor: surgery British English, office American English

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