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internecinein‧ter‧ne‧cine /ˌɪntəˈniːsaɪn◂ $ ˌɪntərˈniːsən◂, -ˈnesiːn◂/ adjective [only before noun] formal  SANCOUNTRY/NATIONinternecine fighting or struggles happen between members of the same group or nation internecine warfare
Examples from the Corpus
internecineThe Babylonian story begins with an internecine battle between the gods of the sweet and salt-water oceans and their offspring.Vicky, Robby and I were very unlike one another in character, and that only served to exacerbate our internecine struggles.Proponents blamed internecine warfare among term-limits supporters for the setback.Yet over the years internecine warfare has played an important role in shaping the Republican Party.internecine warfare in the BalkansTo try to cut down on internecine warfare, Mr Florio oversaw annual meetings at which he encouraged publishers to work together.
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