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interneein‧tern‧ee /ˌɪntɜːˈniː $ -ɜːr-/ noun [countable]  PMSCJsomeone who is put into prison during a war or for political reasons, without having had a trialintern
Examples from the Corpus
interneeIt was a bleak existence, but what struck Joe was how easily he and his fellow internees became accustomed to it.Joe and his fellow internees were jubilant.One of their demands was for a phased release of internees.They were officially internees, rather than prisoners, and life, although monotonous and full of deprivation, was not brutal.Like other internees, they lived in hastily built barracks with little privacy or basic comforts.He departed with authorisation to release all young internees who were willing to join the Pioneer Corps.
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