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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishInternetIn‧ter‧net, internet /ˈɪntənet $ -tər-/ ●●● S2 W2 noun   the InternetGRAMMAR: Patterns with InternetYou do something on the Internet: We do most of our shopping on the Internet.They met on the Internet. Don’t say: We do most of our shopping by Internet. | They met by Internet. You usually say the Internet: I often use the Internet to find out information. Don’t say: I often use Internet to find out information.COLLOCATIONSverbsuse the InternetMore and more companies are using the Internet to conduct their business.go on the InternetI went on the Internet to find some information for my assignment.access the Internet/connect to the InternetYou can access the Internet from your mobile phone.surf the Internet (=look at different websites)She spends hours surfing the Internet every evening.download something from the InternetI downloaded the file from the Internet.buy something on the InternetHe bought the chairs on the Internet.Internet + NOUNan Internet connectiona high-speed Internet connection Internet accessNot everyone has Internet access at home.an Internet address (=the address of a website)The company charges $100 to register a new internet address.an Internet service provider (=a company that allows you to connect to the Internet)Your Internet service provider should be able to solve the problem.Internet shopping/bankingThe new regulations will increase customer confidence in Internet shopping.Internet banking saves customers a lot of time.an Internet userThe number of Internet users is doubling every six months.Internet useThe software allows parents to control children’s Internet use.Internet traffic (=the number of people using the Internet)An estimated 40% of the nation’s Internet traffic begins or ends in California.Internet dating (=using the Internet to meet people for a romantic relationship)Internet dating websites are becoming increasingly popular.an Internet café (=a café with computers, where people can pay to use the Internet)The message had been sent from an Internet café in Leeds.THESAURUSthings you do when using the Internetsurf the net verb to look quickly through information on the Internet, looking for anything that interests youHe spends his evenings surfing the net.search to look for a specific piece of information on the Internet, for example by entering text into a boxTry searching for his name on Google.shop/book online to buy things or reserve tickets using the InternetMore and more people are preferring to shop online.It’s easier to book online.visit a website to look at a particular Internet siteYou can check to see how many people visit your website.download to get files, programs, music, films etc from the Internet and put them on your own computerI downloaded the software for free from the Internet.chat to communicate with several people in a chat room on the InternetUsing the Internet, you can chat to people from around the world.From Longman Business DictionaryInternetIn‧ter‧net /ˈɪntənet-tər-/ noun the InternetCOMPUTINGTELECOMMUNICATIONS the network of computer systems that allows computer users around the world to exchange informationThese regulations have been published on the Internet.Do you have access to the Internet? compare extranet, intranet wireless internet