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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinternshipin‧tern‧ship /ˈɪntɜːnʃɪp $ -ɜːrn-/ noun [countable] American English  1 a job that lasts for a short time, that someone, especially a student, does in order to gain experienceintern2 a job that someone who has nearly finished training as a doctor does in a hospitalintern
Examples from the Corpus
internshipI worked for them for a summer as kind of an internship.Two weeks ago she had finished her internship at St Paul's Hospital in Vancouver.In the performing arts department, a newly instituted internship program helped reduce labor costs.Although the school system guarantees youths an interview for a possible internship, it does not promise them an actual placement.But not every student will have the time or inclination to participate in an apprenticeship or even a summer internship.It combined schoolwork with job experience, and it promised each student a summer internship in the financial world.Valerie, now you will be in your internship and working next week and Christi will too.
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