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interracialin‧ter‧ra‧cial /ˌɪntəˈreɪʃəl◂/ adjective  SAbetween different races of peoplemultiracial interracial marriage
Examples from the Corpus
interracialThe push for interracial adoption is redundant and behind the curve.In retrospect the interracial character of the growing congregation on Azusa Street was indeed a kind of miracle.Tell us what you think about interracial dating, legalizing marijuana, who killed Kennedy.Benson made an ethnographic study of interracial families in Brixton, London.There has to be fairness and justice for black people before you can achieve a spirit of interracial harmony.I wondered what this splashy display of interracial haute couture meant to her.Also patron of health workers, interracial justice, public education, and race relations.Interracial marriage is more common today.Interracial marriages are common in England these days.But I must struggle to understand at least my own tangled emotions about interracial rape.It dealt unselfconsciously with interracial relationships.The danger of an interracial war in South Africa still exists.
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