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interstellarin‧ter‧stel‧lar /ˌɪntəˈstelə◂ $ -tərˈstelər◂/ adjective [only before noun]  HAhappening or existing between the stars
Examples from the Corpus
interstellarLieutenant Uhura keeps receiving obscene interstellar calls.The maps confirm theoreticians' ideas on the birth of stars from interstellar clouds.Zephro Carnelian has his own interstellar craft in a berth.It is possible that we have traces of interstellar dust in meteorites.Goldin has previously speculated about the possibility of interstellar flight using extremely small, low-mass probes.interstellar gas and dustThe solar wind loses its identity in the interstellar medium at a distance no less than that of the outer planets.Anyway, interstellar travel would be amazingly expensive - perhaps too expensive for most civilizations to contemplate.I always enjoy the restful times of interstellar travel.
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