Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: entreval, from Latin intervallum 'space between castle walls, interval'


Related topics: Music
in‧ter‧val W3 [countable]
1 the period of time between two events, activities etc:
He left the room, returning after a short interval with a message.
interval between
The interval between arrest and trial can be up to six months.

sunny/bright intervals

DN short periods of fine weather between cloudy, rainy weather etc

at weekly/20 minute etc intervals

every week, 20 minutes etc:
The trains run at half-hourly intervals.

at regular intervals

a) something that happens at regular intervals happens often:
The phone rang at regular intervals all afternoon.
b) objects that are placed at regular intervals have all been placed at the same distance from each other:
Trees had been planted at regular intervals.
5 British English a short period of time between the parts of a play, concert etc [= intermission American English]
We can get some drinks in the interval.
6 technicalAPM the amount of difference in pitch between two musical notes

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