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into the bargain

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinto the bargaininto the bargain (also in the bargain American English)ADD in addition to everything else I am now tired, cold, and hungry, with a headache into the bargain. bargain
Examples from the Corpus
into the bargainOnly Jacob's actions are far worse than Ham's, and coldly calculated into the bargain.Hard work, ample food and a neat change of clothes into the bargain.He would disgrace the family name and be destroyed into the bargain.But to love him into the bargain?Bad, and now mad into the bargain.This increases their own biological chances and gives them a free meal into the bargain.And what monkeys we make of ourselves, into the bargain.Bishop Aethelric, he had heard, was accounted able even in Peterborough, and ruthless into the bargain.
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