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introint‧ro /ˈɪntrəʊ $ -troʊ/ noun (plural intros) [countable] informal  APTCa short part at the beginning of a song, piece of writing etcintroduction
Examples from the Corpus
introThey are also about to be upstaged by their own big intro.I'll start off with a brief intro.In his intro he said he didn't know much about language teachingNo thrills, no frills Game presentation is appalling, with no intro screens and non end-of-level messages.It also features Ultramarine's own intro and interlinking music in between.There will then be a 30-second introduction from the general manager of the Ford division and another 30-second intro from Spielberg.The next example is the catchy syncopated intro riff taken from the single Teaser.But, in between the intro and outro patters, something happened.They all may have identical Deion Sanders reports, but they are taping the intro in front of different cactuses.The intro at the beginning of the game is most excellent!
intro-intro- /ɪntrə/ prefix  IN/INSIDEinto, especially into the inside introspection (=examining your own feelings)
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