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introductionin‧tro‧duc‧tion /ˌɪntrəˈdʌkʃən/ ●●● S3 W2 noun  1 new system/product [uncountable]INTRODUCE the act of bringing something into use for the first timeintroduction of the introduction of a range of new products With the introduction of independent taxation, a married woman’s position is much clearer.2 bring something to a place a) [uncountable]TAKE/BRING the act of bringing something somewhere for the first timeintroduction of the introduction of Buddhism to China nearly 2,000 years ago b) [countable]NEW a type of thing that is brought somewhere for the first time The potato was a 16th-century introduction.3 when meeting somebody [countable]INTRODUCEMEET the act of formally telling two people each other’s names when they first meet Pete, are you going to make the introductions? Our first contestant needs no introduction (=everyone already knows the person).4 book/speech [countable]INTRODUCE a written or spoken explanation at the beginning of a book, speech etc In the introduction, he explains why he wrote the book. Mr Brown gave a brief introduction to the course.5 music [countable] a short part at the beginning of a song or piece of music
6 explanation [countable]EXPLAIN something that explains the basic facts of a subjectintroduction to The book is a useful introduction to British geology.7 new experience [countable] someone’s first experience of somethingintroduction to an introduction to water sports8 letter [countable]BEXPLAIN a letter by someone else that explains who you are, which you can give to a person you have not met beforeTHESAURUSintroduction a written or spoken statement at the beginning of a book, speech, or meeting, giving a general idea of what it is aboutAfter a brief introduction by the chairman, the meeting began.The author outlines his methods of research in the introduction.preface a short piece of writing at the beginning of a book that says what the book is about or the reason for writing it In the preface, he explains his motives for returning to the subject of Middle Eastern politics. foreword a short introduction to a book or report, usually written by someone who is not the authorGreene wrote the foreword to Suzmann’s book.prologue an introduction to a piece of writing, especially a play or a long poemthe prologue to Shakespeare’s ‘Henry V’The poem begins with a brief prologue.preamble a statement at the beginning of something, especially an official document, which explains what it is aboutthe Preamble to the US Constitution
Examples from the Corpus
introductionAfter an introduction by the chairperson, we'll get on with the day's discussions.After a brief introduction by the Chairman, the meeting began.The potato was a 16th century introduction.Since its introduction two years ago, the game has outsold all its competitors.a letter of introductionPowell wrote in the introduction that all the armed forces must work together as a team.In the introduction to her fascinating book, O'Brien explains how she first became interested in music.The introduction was written by Colin Powell.introduction ofThe bird's habitat was destroyed by the introduction of rice fields along the Louisiana coast.the introduction of new drugs to fight AIDSmake the introductionsWhile Mary-Claude saw to the baby and busied herself around the apartment, Habib made the introductions.I'll make the introductions.Dalgliesh felt his hand crushed, and then Mercer made the introductions.Quickly making the introductions Richard opened the envelope.She walked over to Stephen without waiting for Mrs Dodge to make the introductions.Wade made the introductions, excused himself, and went to the phone to put in a call to Lux.introduction toan introduction to poetry classThe story provides a wonderful introduction to Jewish spirituality.
From Longman Business Dictionaryintroductionin‧tro‧duc‧tion /ˌɪntrəˈdʌkʃən/ noun [countable, uncountable]1the act of selling something or making it available for the first timeintroduction ofthe introduction of a new range of designer wearThe Pacific Stock Exchange plans to delay the introduction of new share options.2when a particular system, law, method etc is used for the first timeintroduction ofthe introduction of value-for-money auditing
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