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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinvaluablein‧val‧u‧a‧ble /ɪnˈvæljuəbəl, -jəbəl $ -ˈvæljəbəl/ ●○○ adjective  USEFULextremely usefulinvaluable to/for Your advice has been invaluable to us.invaluable in/for (doing) something This help was invaluable in focussing my ideas. The internet is an invaluable source of information.see thesaurus at useful
Examples from the Corpus
invaluableContact with Western medical techniques proved invaluable, and the student doctors have benefited greatly.This book has been invaluable as a source of teaching materials.Improved sewage and water services were invaluable in preventing disease.Martin's marketing expertise has been invaluable to our project.Margaret's sensible suggestions have been invaluable to us.invaluable in/for (doing) somethingSuch small changes are invaluable in giving themes renewed vitality, while at the same time preserving unity.It is proving invaluable in helping chambers set in place a proper system of administration in chambers.Role models, as we have discussed, can be invaluable in helping you prepare your own road map.Blom's fluent command of languages was invaluable in his work as a lexicographer.And my new confidence was invaluable in making the sale.Report generation using a stand alone microcomputer with a word-processing program has already proved invaluable in many company departments, including personnel.Whichever curling method you choose, styling products are invaluable for setting hair beautifully.The oxygen-carrying formulations could also be invaluable for the treatment of tumours and cardiovascular disease.
From Longman Business Dictionaryinvaluablein‧val‧u‧a‧ble /ɪnˈvæljuəbəl, -jəbəl-ˈvæljəbəl/ adjective very useful indeedThe skills of executives are invaluable in dispute resolution.The reservation service is invaluable to overseas visitors with a limited knowledge of the area.
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