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inventoryin‧ven‧tory /ˈɪnvəntri $ -tɔːri/ ●○○ noun (plural inventories)  1 [countable]LIST a list of all the things in a placeinventory of We made an inventory of everything in the apartment.2 [countable, uncountable] American EnglishBBT all the goods in a shop syn stock
Examples from the Corpus
inventoryShe made an inventory of everything in the apartment.The company keeps a full inventory of its equipment.Our store has the largest inventory in the mattress business.Some of the things in the shop were not listed in the inventory.
From Longman Business Dictionaryinventoryin‧ven‧tory /ˈɪnvəntri-tɔːri/ noun (plural inventories) especially American English1[countable, uncountable]ACCOUNTING the amount of stock, including RAW MATERIALs, supplies and finished goods, that a company has at a particular time SYN stock BrECompanies have cut inventories sharply since the downturn began.Cash-and-carry outlets rely on a rapid turnover of stock to keep down inventory levels. beginning inventory continuous inventory2[countable] a list of the goods and property owned by a particular person, organization, or countryinventory ofA full inventory of equipment will be maintained.3take (an) inventoryACCOUNTING to make a list of goods that a company or a person has at a particular timeNewmark & Lewis were closed Sunday to take inventory. see also first in, first out, last in, first out
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