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investigatorin‧ves‧ti‧ga‧tor /ɪnˈvestəɡeɪtə $ -ər/ ●●○ AWL noun [countable]  BOINVESTIGATEsomeone who investigates things, especially crimes police investigators private investigator
Examples from the Corpus
investigatorIn December 1996 investigators raided his home outside Munich.Only 1 of 6 observed episodes of asthma was believed by the clinical investigators to be related to therapy.Making arrangements for the engineering investigators to cope with the jet age posed much less difficulty.Federal investigators are trying to prove that Dime employees conspired to falsify loan documents, court records show.A team of special investigators have gone to the scene of the explosion.His revelations amazed the investigators who had believed they were dealing with a limited case.The investigator has concluded that they were making a false insurance claim.The investigator dispatched to probe the incident blamed the Tonghaks for the trouble.After confessing, Flores agreed to cooperate with investigators.
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