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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinvestiturein‧ves‧ti‧ture /ɪnˈvestətʃə $ -tʃʊr/ noun [countable] formal  PGOTRADITIONa ceremony at which someone is given an official titleinvestiture of the investiture of the Prince of Wales
Examples from the Corpus
investitureIt said nothing about investiture or homage: these were matters for the pope.Had he not himself acted thus after hearing the papal decree against lay investiture and clerical homage?The pope seems to have confined himself to insisting on the prohibition of lay investiture.Lay investiture was symbolically objectionable as representing the quasi-sacerdotal position which had long been claimed by kings and emperors.It had no fiefs to be the subject of investiture, no peasant tenure, no peasant serfs.the investiture of the new County SupervisorThe highlight of the evening, however, came after the speeches when the King made two investitures.If the main business was investiture and homage, a subsidiary theme was the primacy.
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