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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinvinciblein‧vin‧ci‧ble /ɪnˈvɪnsəbəl/ adjective  1 LOSE A GAME, COMPETITION, OR WARtoo strong to be destroyed or defeated an invincible army Young athletes think of themselves as invincible.2 STRONG FEELING OR BELIEFan invincible belief, attitude etc is extremely strong and cannot be changedinvincibility /ɪnˌvɪnsəˈbɪləti/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
invincibleAs long as he could touch the earth he was invincible.To follow upon the advantages already won, there is today an army of women united, patient, invincible.Once my belly was full, I felt invincible, as if nothing could harm me again.The tiger was bewildered by the seemingly invincible beast.Big, plain, invincible girls like Penny took happiness where they could.Bassist and singer Mark King had a knack for orchestrating good tunes into invincible pop nuggets."Kids think they're invincible, " said the school's drug counselor.Weapons that would have been invincible twenty years before are now vulnerable and obsolete.
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