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involuntaryin‧vol‧un‧ta‧ry /ɪnˈvɒləntəri $ ɪnˈvɑːlənteri/ adjective  1 HBDELIBERATELYan involuntary movement, sound, reaction etc is one that you make suddenly and without intending to because you cannot control yourself When Willie tapped on the window, Miguel gave an involuntary jump.2 happening to you although you do not want it to involuntary part-time workersinvoluntarily adverb
Examples from the Corpus
involuntaryIt would seem that involuntary affirmation could be commanded only on even more immediate and urgent grounds than silence.I let out an involuntary gasp.Overall, the patients who underwent the pallidotomy had fewer involuntary movements than those who received medicine alone.an involuntary muscle contractionEven in healthy subjects the eyeball exhibits rapid, involuntary, oscillatory movements, a phenomenon called nystagmus.Though mirages are natural phenomena, the illusion of my standing in a dish was an involuntary product of the imagination.Her teeth were chattering and she gave an enormous involuntary shudder.It is not surprising that involuntary unemployment may be long term.With an involuntary yell of alarm, she tumbled forward.
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