Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: involvere 'to wrap', from volvere 'to roll'


in‧volve S2 W1 [transitive]
1 if an activity or situation involves something, that thing is part of it or a result of it:
What will the job involve?
I didn't realize putting on a play involved so much work.
involve doing something
Running your own business usually involves working long hours.
2 to include or affect someone or something:
These changes will involve everyone on the staff.
There have been four accidents involving Forest Service planes.
3 to ask or allow someone to take part in something
involve somebody in (doing) something
Try to involve as many children as possible in the game.
We want to involve the workforce at all stages of the decision-making process.

involve yourself

to take part actively in a particular activity
involve yourself in
Reilly involves himself in every aspect of his company's business.

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