in‧volved S2 W3

be/get involved

to take part in an activity or event, or be connected with it in some way
be/get involved in
More than 30 software firms were involved in the project.
I don't want to get involved in some lengthy argument about who is to blame.
I'm afraid your son's been involved in an accident (=he is one of the people in an accident).
be/get involved with
Landel has been involved with the Hercules project for years.
actively/deeply/heavily involved (=involved very much)
Mrs. Cummings has been actively involved with the church for years.

work/effort etc involved in doing something

[not before noun] the amount of work, money, effort etc that is needed in order to make something succeed:
Most people don't realize the amount of effort involved in writing a novel.

be involved with somebody

a) to be having a romantic relationship with someone, especially a sexual one:
The senator denied that he was romantically involved with a member of his staff.
b) to spend time with someone that you have a relationship with:
Fathers are encouraged to be more involved with their families.
4 having so many different parts that it is difficult to understand [= complicated]:
The plot was so involved that very few people knew what was going on.

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