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ioni‧on /ˈaɪən $ ˈaɪən, ˈaɪɑːn/ noun [countable] technical  HCHPan atom which has been given a positive or negative force by adding or taking away an electronproton
Examples from the Corpus
ionA commercial filtering medium now on the market combines activated carbon and an ion exchange resin.The cliff top turf was bright with thrift and sea camp ion.Generally, one cupric ion complexes with four to six peptide linkages.However, such secretions also contain important ions which are essential for the normal functioning of the body.The result is an excluded volume behind the target atom into which no ions penetrate.That blast of sodium ions entering the neuron is the impulse starting.Typically, sodium ions are excluded and potassium ions are hoarded.It only works in the direction in which it's throwing the ions.
-ion-ion /ən/ suffix [in nouns]  DO something/TAKE ACTIONthe act, state, or result of doing something the completion of the task (=act of finishing it) his election (=he was elected) to the post Young children demand a lot of attention.
Examples from the Corpus
-ionan electioncomplete exhaustion
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