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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishionospherei‧on‧o‧sphere /aɪˈɒnəsfɪə $ aɪˈɑːnəsfɪr/ noun   the ionosphere
Examples from the Corpus
ionosphereSurface magnetization or an ionosphere can also provide a magnetosphere.These studies help us to understand the coupling between magnetosphere and ionosphere, and complex natural phenomena such as the aurora.This also produces most of the ions in the Cytherean ionosphere.In terms of radio propagation, varying electrical conductance in the ionosphere influences either the absorbency or reluctance of radio emissions.Project waterhole has reinforced earlier theories that electric currents in the ionosphere cause the strange phenomenon of the Northern Lights.It attempts to modify the electric currents in the ionosphere during a display of the lights and to observe the results.High in the thermosphere lies the ionosphere, where the dominant ion is H +.These high frequency radio programmes can be bounced off the ionosphere which at certain high frequencies acts like an electrically charged mirror.
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