Language: Old English
Origin: isern, iren


1 noun
Related topics: Clothes, Golf, Elements, Technology
i‧ron1 S3 W2


[uncountable]HCET a common hard metal that is used to make steel, is magnetic, and is found in very small quantities in food and blood. It is a chemical element: symbol Fe:
the iron and steel industry
a driveway with large iron gates
iron ore (=rock that contains iron)
the absorption of iron from food

for clothes

[countable]DCCT a thing used for making clothes smooth, which has a heated flat metal base

have several irons in the fire

to be involved in several different activities or have several plans all happening at the same time:
He has several economic irons in the fire, including gold and diamond mines.


[countable]DSG a golf club made of metal rather than wood:
a 5-iron



[plural] especially literarySCJ a chain used to prevent a prisoner from moving:
leg irons

➔ a will of iron/an iron will

at will2 (1)

; ➔ pump iron

at pump2 (8)

; ➔ rule somebody/something with a rod of iron

at rule2 (5)

; ➔ strike while the iron's hot

at strike1 (27)

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