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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishirreconcilableir‧rec‧on‧ci‧la‧ble /ɪˌrekənˈsaɪləbəl◂/ adjective  1 DISAGREEirreconcilable positions etc are so strongly opposed to each other that it is not possible for them to reach an agreementirreconcilable differences/conflicts The differences between the landowners and the conservationists were irreconcilable from the start.2 if two beliefs or ideas are irreconcilable, it is not possible to believe both of themirreconcilable with This belief was irreconcilable with the Church’s doctrine of salvation.3 irreconcilable differences
Examples from the Corpus
irreconcilableThe split in the Liberal party seems to be irreconcilable.To partisans, these figures are irreconcilable.Miss Golani had only one piece to play - as one of three irreconcilable characters in Michael Colgrass's Strangers.It is the irreconcilable contradiction inevitable in humanism because of its false assumptions in constructing a world-view.As soon as the meeting began, however, irreconcilable differences emerged.When irreconcilable differences exist between two people, it is better that they should separate.Critics of the group's report will claim the differences between landowners and conservationists were irreconcilable from the start.Twentieth-century man finds himself caught between two irreconcilable visions.Both these ways of looking at the world are valid but utterly irreconcilable with each other.Each approach seems to have its merits, yet to be irreconcilable with others.irreconcilable differences/conflictsThey want us to believe irreconcilable differences are the reason she filed for divorce?The subjective nature of measuring program effectiveness may lead to irreconcilable differences between the review staff and program management.As soon as the meeting began, however, irreconcilable differences emerged.The principal advocates of the works, however, often present irreconcilable differences in both interpretation and methods of advocacy.irreconcilable withFighting in a war was irreconcilable with his religious beliefs.
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