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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishirrelevanceir‧rel‧e‧vance /ɪˈreləvəns/ AWL (also irrelevancy /-vənsi/) noun  1 [uncountable]UNIMPORTANT a lack of importance in a particular situation2 [countable]UNIMPORTANT someone or something that is not important in a particular situationirrelevance of debates on the irrelevance of the education system
Examples from the Corpus
irrelevanceAge is an irrelevance for most jobs.Moral philosophers often ignore empathy as though it were an irrelevance outside their province, a matter for psychology perhaps rather than philosophy.Pensions policy accompanied long-term labour-market trends, which increasingly confirmed the economic irrelevance of elderly workers.Meanwhile, three other candidates demonstrated for a national television audience their growing irrelevance to the struggle for the nomination.What can I say in answer to this charge of irrelevance?So, the political irrelevance of our subjects did not diminish our desperation.The irrelevance of such an attitude is obvious.
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